pronounced: con·tain·er

A faster, better, more affordable home.

FAST! Built and Installed in < 30 days
BETTER! 200 Quality Control Checkpoints
AFFORDABLE! Starting at < $100/sq.ft.


North America is experiencing an acute housing shortage; according to the National Realtor's Association (America) more than 5 million homes are needed to stabilize the market. This number has grown from a shortfall of just over 3.8 million homes in 2019. Record-low employment and extraordinary supply chain disruptions have resulted in construction moving at it's slowest pace in nearly 30 years.

A new approach is needed.

Utilizing repurposed shipping containers as the frame, CNTNR delivers small suites, single-family homes and multi-family projects significantly faster, less expensively and with higher quality than conventional site built projects. In fact, CNTNR homes start at as little as $40,000 and can be built, delivered and installed less than a month. And with a factory that can produce up to 4000 homes per year, it is easy to see why CNTNR is poised to become the world's leading homebuilder.


To provide affordable, high-quality housing to the global market and change the way consumers think of housing by infusing technology into the purchase, modification, and control of their home.